Which site to sell clothes and shop online?

Platforms for selling and buying second-hand clothes are developing at a rapid pace: V.Vinted, Videdressing, Vestiaire collective, Onceagain… What characterizes each of these sites?

Little known a few years ago, Vinted has become THE most popular platform for buying and selling clothing, and the advertisements for Vinted are numerous and the concept is attractive.

On this platform, you can not only sell your own clothes you no longer wear, buy those of others, but you can also exchange clothes and fashion accessories! In order to offer an item, the seller must take a picture of it himself and write a short presentation text. Once he has sold an item, he must package it and send it to the recipient with a delivery note. Men, women, children, everyone can find clothes on Vinted. The site even offers items and linen for the home.

Onceagain, the second hand shop for women and men online

To buy and sell second-hand clothes, there is Onceagain, a second-hand clothing site that claims to be a virtual second-hand shop. And indeed, the clothes you find there are cheap. Onceagain is different from Vinted. Here, the sellers first send their clothes to the platform, then the Onceagain team sorts the clothes to be put online and sets the prices.

The seller is less bothered than on Vinted, but earns less.Moreover, Onceagain does not accept all clothes, unlike Vinted.The selection is made according to brands.However, the platform buys and sells most of the well-known brands (Zara, Mango, Etam, Camaïeu, H&M…).

Percentil, the buying and selling platform that does everything for you

On the same model as Onceagain, Percentil offers to sell the clothes you no longer wear.

The salesman orders his Percentil bag, then fills it with trendy, almost new clothes and accessories (spotless, with label, in excellent condition) and sends it to Percentil, who manages everything else:

Like Onceagain, Percentil selects the brands it sells, including Zara, H&M, Mango and Naf Naf.

Videdressing, the site to buy and sell luxury clothes

Videdressing is a site where you can find mainly luxury items.and moreover, on this platform, you can search for items by brand.Burberry, Lancel, Kenzo, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent… Videdressing brings together all the biggest names in haute couture.

Whether in women’s, men’s or children’s fashion, you can find luxury items at -50%, -60%, sometimes even -80%! Here, as on Vinted, it’s up to the seller to promote his articles (photos, product info…)


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